Cessna Citation C525 Pilot, First Officer

CESSNA Citation C525

CESSNA Citation C525/C25A/C25B Type Rated or Type-Rating self-founded

Commercial, or Airline Transport Pilot License
Multi-Engine Class Rating
TT: min. 250h
Type Rated or prepared to self-sund your Type-Rating
Unrestricted and valid passport
English Language proficiency level 4 or higher

Our client are operating in Europe, USA, MENA.
If selected you will work on a 30/15 roster.

To apply send your aviation documents to pilot@you-pilot.com

American Airlines order 15 Embraer E175 Jets, will be delivered in 2019.


Embraer and American Airlines Inc. signed a firm order for 15 E175 jets with a 76-seat configuration.

The contract has a value of USD 705 million, based on current list prices.
Deliveries of the Embraer E175 will take place in 2019 between March and November.

With this the latest order American Airlines will have a total of 89 E175s in their fleet.

Since entering revenue service, the E-Jets family has received more than 1,800 orders and over 1,400 aircraft have been delivered.

Today, E-Jets are flying in the fleet of 70 customers in 50 countries.

The versatile 70 to 150-seat family is flying with low-cost airlines as well as with regional and mainline carriers.


We are recruiting Embraer E-190 Captain's together with our new partner airline in China.

Are you an Embraer E190 Captain that meet the requirements listed here:

3000+ hours total hours,500+ hours PIC on current type
Current flight within recent 6 calendar months 
Maximum age 55 years.
ICAO English level minimum 4 
Medical Class 1 
No history of incidents or accidents


Then our new partner airline in China will offer you a very generous package.

High Salary great terms and conditions

Send your interest or questions too


Embraer S.A. is a Brazilian aerospace conglomerate that produces commercial, military, executive and agricultural aircraft and provides aeronautical services. It is headquartered in São José dos Campos, São Paulo State.

www.you-pilot.com are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Beijing Captial Airlines.

Are you a pilot with PIC time on the Airbus 320, or the Airbus 330?


Our new partner airline Beijing Captial Airlines. are looking for experienced Captains.

Together with our partner airline, we can offer a generous package for Captains on the Airbus 320, and for Captains on the Airbus 330.


You have the choice if you want a rotation contract that is perfect for the commuting pilot, or if you prefer to be on the residential contract.

If you get selected by Beijing Captial Airlines, you will be based in Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Xi'an, Haikou or Sanya.

Contact pilot@you-pilot.com for more information.

Cathay Pacific, Second Officers, and First Officers.

Cathay Pacific

Second Officers
Commercial Pilots Licence
Multi-Engine Instrument Rating
Passes in all ATPL theory exams
Minimum 250 hours
Valid class 1 medical certificate
ICAO English language proficiency
Experience commensurate with age
Preference given to 500 hours multi-crew operations
in transport category aircraft with MTOW > 10 000kg

Second Officers are based in Hong Kong

First Officers
ATPL or CPL with a MEIR and same state ATPL examinations credits – obtained without exemption or conversion
Minimum 1500 hours total time (preferred experience 3000)
500 hours in Command or as a First Officer on civil registered transport aircraft certified for multi-crew operations according to the type certificate and having a MTOW > 45,000 kg
Valid Class 1 medical certificate
ICAO English Language Proficiency
Experience commensurate with age.

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