Airbus 320 Type rating course

Quick facts about the A320 family:
A320 Family April 2015
Total orders            11688
Total deliveries     6544
In operation           6279
According to the above numbers it makes sense to get typed on the A320.

·         100 hours as pilot-in-command (PIC)
·         Valid ME, IR (multi-engine, instrument rating)
·         Valid CPL (ATPL theory) or ATPL
·         Valid Class 1 Medical Certificate
·         MCC completion certificate (for course without MCC)
·         English level 4 according to ICAO requirements

Course Summary

Total duration: 26 working days

Classroom  15 Days 120 h

Cockpit Procedure Training

FBS 4 days  16 h

Simulator Training

FFS 8 days  32 h

Type Training/ Skill Test

FFS 1 day  4 h

Aircraft Training

Aircraft 1 day  1-1.30 h

CBT-Computer Based Training
CPT-Cockpit Procedure Training
FBS-Fixed Base Simulator
FFS-Full Flight Simulator

Multi Crew Cooperation Courses (MCC)
The  MCC course takes the trainee well beyond the typical MCC Course as defined by JAR-FCL regulations. We provide you with 32 hours of theoretical knowledge training (min. JAR: 25 hours) and perform the practical training on a FNPT II MCC Simulator (ATR-42).

We introduce you to basic turboprop flying in order to give you a lead when you perform the simulator sessions.

Our simulator is equipped with a CRM debriefing camera, an ideal tool to analyze and debrief your performance in a multi-crew environment.
The use of such a device is strongly recommended for this type of training. You will see yourself as you communicate, perform SOPs, take decisions, etc.

All our instructors have a long experience in training professional airline crews.

Course Summary:

Total Duration: 9 working days

Theoretical Knowledge    Classroom Briefing    4 days      32 h
Practical Training    FNPT II (ATR-42)                  4 days      16 h
Evaluation Session    FNPT II (ATR-42)                1 day        4 h

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