Get typed on the A320


Valid ATPL or valid CPL and have passed the ATPL theoretical knowledge examinations.

Valid IR/ME. ICAO English language proficiency (Level 4 minimum).

Flight time: 70 hours as Pilot In Command on aeroplanes.

COURSE COMPRISES Training Device/Phase Time  CBT Self-Study Phase 10 days

CBT: 100 hours access to CBT 45:00

Theoretical Knowledge Instructions Phase (Note 1) 5 days Instructor led aircraft systems course, aircraft performance course, systems & performance exam and debriefing 32:00

Handling Phase 12 days 10 FFS sessions: 10 x 4 hours 40:00

LOFT Phase 1 day 1 FFS session: 1 x 4 hours 04:00

Skill Test Phase 1 day 1 FFS session: 1 x 4 hours 04:00 Total FFS Time (C+D+E): 48:00

Base Training Phase 1 day Aircraft flight /

Note 1: Set of manuals and study material included.

COURSE DURATION Approx. course duration: 22 days (excluding CBT self-study at home).

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