EASA Airbus A320 Type Rating Course. Receive your training from active airline pilots.

Entry requirements
70 hours as a pilot-in-command of airplanes;
Valid ME, IR (multi-engine, instrument rating);
Valid CPL (ATPL theory) or ATPL;
Valid Class 1 Medical Certificate;
MCC certificate of completion*;
English level 4 according to ICAO requirements.
*MCC course could be integrated into your Type Rating Training program

Course contentTraining facilities

Computer Based Training (CBT);
CBT for the FMS;
A mock-up of the flight deck;
Classroom Instruction, practical training and examinations;
Mass & Balance Calculations;
Aircraft Flight Manual (AFM) Performance (Tables);
Operational Procedure Training;
Ground training location:


Full Flight Simulator training
Base training (6 or 4 T/G)
Line training (optional)
Full Flight Simulator locations:

Various locations in Europe

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