Type rating courses offered on two of the most popular aircrafts in the airline industry.

Airbus A320 family type rating in EU


Valid ATPL or valid CPL and have passed the ATPL theoretical knowledge examinations.

Valid IR/ME. ICAO English language proficiency (Level 4 minimum).

Flight time: 70 hours as Pilot In Command on aeroplanes.

COURSE COMPRISES Training Device/Phase Time  CBT Self-Study Phase 10 days

CBT: 100 hours access to CBT 45:00

Theoretical Knowledge Instructions Phase (Note 1) 5 days Instructor led aircraft systems course, aircraft performance course, systems & performance exam and debriefing 32:00

Handling Phase 12 days 10 FFS sessions: 10 x 4 hours 40:00

LOFT Phase 1 day 1 FFS session: 1 x 4 hours 04:00

Skill Test Phase 1 day 1 FFS session: 1 x 4 hours 04:00 Total FFS Time (C+D+E): 48:00

Base Training Phase 1 day Aircraft flight /

Note 1: Set of manuals and study material included.

COURSE DURATION Approx. course duration: 22 days (excluding CBT self-study at home).

For more information contact info@you-pilot.com

Boeing 737 type rating in EU

We can provide Boeing B737 type rating in EU.
You will get typed on both the B737 CL, and the NG.
Also you will get 6 T/O, and landings in the actual B737 aircraft.
Accommodation and local transport is included.

Entry requirements for the type rating course on the Boeing 737
70 hours as pilot-in-command of airplanes;
Valid ME, IR (multi-engine, instrument rating);
Valid CPL (ATPL theory) or ATPL;
Valid Class 1 Medical Certificate;
MCC certificate of completion;
English level 4

Contact info@you-pilot.com 

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