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If your dream is to become a pilot, the first step is the PPL private pilot license.
When you have completed the PPL, and passed the written exam, and the checkride (the flight exam)
You are a pilot that are allowed to fly as PIC, you can take passenger with you, but the restrictions are that you are not allowed to be compensated for the flight, and it have to be according to the VFR Visual Flight Rules.

If your goal is to be a airline pilot, you need to continue with the IFR rating, and the CPL.

After the completion of the IFR rating, you are allowed to fly in less than VFR conditions, since during IFR operations you are flying with reference to the instruments, compared to VFR where you need to be able to see the ground.

After you have passed the IFR written exam, and the flight exam (Checkride) many pilots continue with the CPL Commercial Pilot License.

In order to get paid as a pilot you need to have the CPL, so if you want to be flight instructor CFI, a corporate pilot, airline pilot, or any type of flying that involves compensation to you, you need to have the CPL.

Finding a flight school is easy, but finding a flight school that deliver the best quality flight training program, and have great instructors, that do everything in order for you to understand, and finish the PPL course, IFR rating, CPL course, and making you a safe, and competent pilot can be tricky.

We are ready ready to help you.

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