Boeing 787 from Norwegian breaks the record between New York - London for subsonic aircrafts.

Norwegian flight 7014 from New York JFK airport to London Gatwick UK, completed the flight in a record breaking fashion.

It was the fastest flight for a subsonic aircraft on the distance.
It is 3015 Nautical miles NM between the airports, 5586 Kilometers.

The flight was completed in 5 hours and 13 min. 53 min faster than the scheduled arrival.

The reason was strong tailwinds, ground speeds of 674 Knots was recorded, this equals
1248 Kilometers/ hour.

But the airspeed remained subsonic at Mach 0.85.

For qualified pilots you are welcome to apply for a position on the flight deck on Norwegians Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Captain position Norwegian Boeing 787:

First Officer position on the Boeing 787 European base:

First Officer position on the Boeing 787 at the Fort Lauderdale Base:

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