How to get hours on type.

If you are a CPL holder, and you are looking for a pilot job, you are likely familiar with the requirements to get a First Officer job.

Many airlines that operate, Airbus 320 aircraft, or Boeing 737, states in the requirement minimum 500 hours on type. (Not all airlines)

So how do you get the first 500 hours on type?

There are a few way to get it done, if you live in a country that has a good GA general aviation sector, you can probably build your hours, by starting in a light aircraft, and if you have logged a couple of thousand hours total time, this can get you a job in the regional airline sector.

First Officer Line training.

In the regional airline sector, you will fly more advanced, and heavier aircraft, after a few year you have a good chance to get upgraded to a command position.

And when you have built up your hours as PIC, you are in a good position to get to fly heavier airliners.

But i know many countries, and even continents, has almost no general aviation sector to start out in, the only form of civil aviation in those countries, are the airline industry.

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