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Eligibility requirements.

Aeronautical knowledge.

Flight proficiency.

Flight instructor records.

Additional flight instructor ratings.

Flight instructor privileges.

Flight instructor limitations and qualifications.

Renewal requirements for flight instructor certification.

Reinstatement requirements of an expired flight instructor certificate.

Flight Instructor Course CFI-I
Flight Instructor Instrument (CFII) – Add on Rating
Pilot Program (Airplane)  CFII
 Based on FAR Part 61 Requirements
 Certified Flight Instructor Instrument Course, Part 61 § 15 hours ground school  § 2.5 hours pre- and post-flight briefings § 5 hours dual AATD ALX Simulator  § 5 hours dual instruction in a Cessna 172 § 1.5 hours FAA Exam (Aircraft fee)
CFII or Certified Flight Instructor Instrument allows one to teach instrument rating students, groundschool and flight training.


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