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Eligibility requirements.

Aeronautical knowledge.

Flight proficiency.

Flight instructor records.

Additional flight instructor ratings.

Flight instructor privileges.

Flight instructor limitations and qualifications.

Renewal requirements for flight instructor certification.

Reinstatement requirements of an expired flight instructor certificate.

Flight Instructor Course MEI
Pilot Program (Airplane)  MEI

Based on FAR Part 61 Requirements
Multi-Engine Instructor rating is required to teach multi-engine pilot courses.
As a MEI you should be able to manage any situation and emergency.
And all this is covered in the MEI training course.

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  1. Essential Air Services (EASA) – Africa is looking to employ a qualified individual in the position of Pilot in Command in support of our operations based in N’Djamena, TChad. EASA is engaged in providing primary leg aviation based medical treatment & evacuation. This service is performed across the SAHEL region of Africa.


    Pilot will hold ICAO/FAA compliant commercial pilots license.
    Minimum of 500 total flight hours with a minimum of 200 hours on Caravan 208B.
    Technical field skills, bush flying, night flying, AeroMedical flying and desert flying a plus.
    Fluency in English required: working proficiency in French or Arabic a plus. Strong writing skills in primary language is required.
    Candidate will be an excellent communicator and be able to work with local and international colleagues in developing flight plans and procedures to maximize patient health.
    Candidate must be willing to attend professional education courses, work on a regular call schedule, meet with clients, oversee Flight Medic Crew & lead in a team environment.
    Candidate will have a high level of commitment to improving emergency medical care in Chad, educate others around them, operate with integrity and self-motivation, be flexible and adapt quickly to events.

    Egnatia Aviation are recruiting Flight Instructors for their ATO at Kavala Airport in Greece. The following has been sent to us by Egnatia:

    We offer competitive remuneration, career development & great working conditions!

    The Company: Egnatia Aviation is the leading European Approved Training Organisation based at Kavala Airport in Greece that offers its employees the opportunity to develop their skills and qualifications within a dynamic fast growing aviation environment. Since our inception in 2006, we provide training towards all classes of EASA licenses and ratings, we support some of the major airlines and we have graduated more than 1500 commercial pilots.

    The Position: We are looking for professional and enthusiastic Flight & Ground Instructors to become part of our team and built up their qualifications and experience based on a customised development plan.

    Flight Instructor Minimum Requirements:

    FI Rating
    350 hours total time
    50 hours of Instructor time