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South Florida is a perfect airspace for flight training; here you will get firsthand experience of flying in a busy ATC environment. This is something that will always be to your advantage, because you learn from the beginning to master the skills of how to handle communication with air traffic controller in a professional and concise manner. You have access to great airport infrastructure, instrument approaches, etc. There are plenty of advantages to do your pilot training at a busy airport compared to an uncontrolled airport out in the middle of nowhere. Pilots that have trained where there are almost no other traffic has a tendency to get stressed when they fly to busy airports, since you have started your training in the middle of the action, you will have a huge advantage of this in your pilot career. And south Florida is a wonderful place to live, the weather, and beaches, are just a bonus.

Airplane Private Pilot Certification The private pilot certificate permits the holder to act as pilot in command of a single engine airplane while carrying passengers. The Instrument pilot rating course is for students who have completed the Private Pilot Certification Course or the Commercial Pilot Certification Program. The IFR rating will allow the student to obtain the knowledge, skill, and aeronautical experience necessary to meet the requirements to operate an aircraft in instrument meteorological conditions. ​ In accordance with Federal Aviation Administration regulations. The commercial pilot certificate permits the holder to act as pilot in command of an airplane carrying passengers or other property while being paid for services as pilot or required crewmember. A commercial pilot may engage in such operations as charter, air taxi, aircraft ferry or delivery, agricultural applications, corporate/airline pilot and instructing (with appropriate additional instructor certificates).

This certificate is the basic qualification for the career pilot. 

Training in this program is conducted in single-engine aircraft,and is based on the minimum time requirements of Federal Regulations. 

 The flight instructor certificate permits the holder to instruct primary students. This qualification is required to increase the experience level in order to achieve higher level of qualification. 

This program prepares the student for employment as a basic flight instructor. USA is the home of aviation; USA has more pilots than any other country in the world. Some of the biggest airlines are from USA; the biggest airports are in USA. 

Many of the world’s best aircraft manufactures are from USA, and USA (FAA) is most likely the best aviation authority. If you decide to do your pilot training in USA, you can be sure that you will become a safe and competent pilot. 

Student pilots come from all over the world to flight schools in USA; this is because the quality and the knowledge are at the highest standards in pilot training here.

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