Hello, and welcome to www.you-pilot.com Recruitment, and pilot training.

Our mission is to help you succeed in the aviation industry.
After decades of experience in the aviation sector, we are looking forward to get you as a pilot where you want to be.

We can help you with training courses, type rating training, job placement, pilot recruitment, aircraft delivery.

We have contact, and contract with a number of airlines around the world, with a focus on the continuous growing aviation market in China.

With people on the ground in China, we can not only help you get a high paying pilot job in China, but we can also assist you along the route.

Our services are:

Pilot training



EASA pilot training will commence 2019

Type rating training FAA, EASA, DGCA, CAAC, ANAC.

Airbus 320 family A318, A319, A320, A321.
Airbus 350

Boeing 737 CL, NG
Boeing 787

Pilot recruitment:
www.you-pilot.com has pilots ready to serve anywhere in the world
Qualified, vetted and experienced professionals.

Aircraft delivery:

Ferry pilot, for ferry flights.
In most cases lessors, brokers or maintenance organisation does not have employed pilots on their staff, for example when an aircraft is required to be re-positioned after maintenance, if a lease is being returned or an aircraft being sold.
Regardless of the aircraft type, www.you-pilot.com have access to pilots all over the world.
We will make sure an experienced pilot can support your needs at short notice.


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