www.you-pilot.com are recruiting Airbus A320 Captain's and on the Boeing 737NG contact pilot@you-pilot.com for a very attractive salary tax free.


Requirements for Captains at Spring Airlines.

3000+ hours total time on fixed wing aircrafts, 
500+ hours PIC on A320 
Valid type rating
Maximum age 55 years
ICAO English minimum level 4
Medical Class 1 
No history of incidents or accidents 

A320 Captain Position Spring Airlines

Monthly salary $18,500 USD 40 days annual leave

6 weeks on/ 2 weeks off $17,500 USD

6 weeks on / 3 weeks off $16,500 USD

5 weeks on / 4 weeks off $ 14,500 USD

4 weeks on / 4 weeks off $ 12,500 USD

Shanghai / Shenzhen / Osaka / Bangkok

Contact pilot@you-pilot.com for more information.

www.you-pilot.com are recruiting pilots for Spring Airlines. 
Great terms & conditions in the contract. 

Send your application to pilot@you-pilot.com 

Chinese airlines are offering huge pay packages to tempt foreign pilots as demand for air travel continue to increase. 
Some airlines are offering salaries of more than $300,000 a year, and they they will cover the tax,also. 

There is a huge demand for qualified pilots in China. 
This is why the pay keeps going higher. 

www.you-pilot.com are recruiting Airbus A320 Captain's for Spring Airlines.

If you are a Captain on the Boeing 737NG contact pilot@you-pilot.com for a very attractive salary tax free. 

Airline pilots who once flew for U.S. and European airlines, previously went for the Middle Eastern carriers. Some of the same pilots are now headed from Dubai to China, according to one Captain.

Chinese airlines offer's monthly salaries of more than $25,000 (with tax paid) for captains. 

We can arrange jobs for Boeing 737, and Airbus 320 Captain positions with the highest pay in China at $25,800 a month with a $36,000 bonus for completing a 3 year contract. 

Want to earn $300,000 tax free? Contact pilot@you-pilot.com 

www.you-pilot.com are happy to present very good commuting contract, for pilots that want to fly for a airline in China. 
We can together with the following airlines present well-paid contracts for expat pilots. 
Are you a FAA, or EASA, or a holder of a ICAO license. 
Contact pilot@you-pilot.com and we will be happy to assist you finding the ideal position for your career. 

You can choose from commuting contract, or a residenscial contract. 

Captain positions in China. 

SF Airlines-Boeing757, and Boeing 767 
Suparna - Boeing737, Boeing747, and Boeing787 
Xiamen - Boeing 737 
Tianjian - Embraer190, Airbus320, and Airbus 330 
Okay airways- Boeing737 
Air Guilin - Airbus320 
GX airlines - EMBRAER190/Airbus320 
Lucky Air - B737/A320 
West Air - A320 
Ruili - B737 
Air ChangAn 

Suparna Airlines, known in China as Jinpeng 
Total Flight Hours: 4000+ 
Type Rated Hours: PIC 500+ 
Current on type within 12month 
ICAO English: Level 4 or Above 
Medical Certificate: First Class 
Up to Age: 55 

Tianjin Airlines 
Tianjian - EMB190/A320/A330 

Total Flight Hours: 3000+ 
Type Rated Hours: PIC 500+ 
Current on type within 12month 
ICAO English: Level 4 or Above 
Medical Certificate: First Class 
Up to Age: 55

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