www.you-pilot.com are recruiting Airbus A320 Captain's and on the Boeing 737NG contact pilot@you-pilot.com for a very attractive salary tax free.


Requirements for Captains at Spring Airlines.

3000+ hours total time on fixed wing aircrafts, 
500+ hours PIC on A320 
Valid type rating
Maximum age 55 years
ICAO English minimum level 4
Medical Class 1 
No history of incidents or accidents 

A320 Captain Position Spring Airlines

Monthly salary $18,500 USD 40 days annual leave

6 weeks on/ 2 weeks off $17,500 USD

6 weeks on / 3 weeks off $16,500 USD

5 weeks on / 4 weeks off $ 14,500 USD

4 weeks on / 4 weeks off $ 12,500 USD

Shanghai / Shenzhen / Osaka / Bangkok

Contact pilot@you-pilot.com for more information.

www.you-pilot.com are recruiting pilots for Spring Airlines. 
Great terms & conditions in the contract. 

Send your application to pilot@you-pilot.com 

Chinese airlines are offering huge pay packages to tempt foreign pilots as demand for air travel continue to increase. 
Some airlines are offering salaries of more than $300,000 a year, and they they will cover the tax,also. 

There is a huge demand for qualified pilots in China. 
This is why the pay keeps going higher. 

www.you-pilot.com are recruiting Airbus A320 Captain's for Spring Airlines.

If you are a Captain on the Boeing 737NG contact pilot@you-pilot.com for a very attractive salary tax free. 

Airline pilots who once flew for U.S. and European airlines, previously went for the Middle Eastern carriers. Some of the same pilots are now headed from Dubai to China, according to one Captain.

Chinese airlines offer's monthly salaries of more than $25,000 (with tax paid) for captains. 

We can arrange jobs for Boeing 737, and Airbus 320 Captain positions with the highest pay in China at $25,800 a month with a $36,000 bonus for completing a 3 year contract. 

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www.you-pilot.com are happy to present very good commuting contract, for pilots that want to fly for a airline in China. 
We can together with the following airlines present well-paid contracts for expat pilots. 
Are you a FAA, or EASA, or a holder of a ICAO license. 
Contact pilot@you-pilot.com and we will be happy to assist you finding the ideal position for your career. 

You can choose from commuting contract, or a residenscial contract. 

Captain positions in China. 

SF Airlines-Boeing757, and Boeing 767 
Suparna - Boeing737, Boeing747, and Boeing787 
Xiamen - Boeing 737 
Tianjian - Embraer190, Airbus320, and Airbus 330 
Okay airways- Boeing737 
Air Guilin - Airbus320 
GX airlines - EMBRAER190/Airbus320 
Lucky Air - B737/A320 
West Air - A320 
Ruili - B737 
Air ChangAn 

Suparna Airlines, known in China as Jinpeng 
Total Flight Hours: 4000+ 
Type Rated Hours: PIC 500+ 
Current on type within 12month 
ICAO English: Level 4 or Above 
Medical Certificate: First Class 
Up to Age: 55 

Tianjin Airlines 
Tianjian - EMB190/A320/A330 

Total Flight Hours: 3000+ 
Type Rated Hours: PIC 500+ 
Current on type within 12month 
ICAO English: Level 4 or Above 
Medical Certificate: First Class 
Up to Age: 55


  1. Air China Cargo 中国国际货运航空 B-2460 Air China Cargo Boeing 747-4J6(BCF) - cn 24348 taxiing 14july2013 pic-011.JPG CA CAO AIRCHINA FREIGHT Beijing Capital International Airport
    Shanghai Pudong International Airport 2003
    China Cargo Airlines 中国货运航空 B-2077 China Cargo Airlines Boeing 777-F6N - cn 37713 taxiing 18july2013 pic-009.JPG CK CKK CARGO KING Shanghai Pudong International Airport
    Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport 1998
    China Postal Airlines 中国邮政航空 B-2513 - China Postal Airlines - Boeing 737-45R(SF) - CAN (13984913166).jpg 8Y CYZ CHINA POST Nanjing Lukou International Airport 1997
    China Southern Cargo 中国南方航空 B-2461, China Southern Cargo (2143547096).jpg CZ CSN CHINA SOUTHERN Shanghai Pudong International Airport
    Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport 2011
    Donghai Airlines Cargo 东海航空 Donghai Airlines Boeing 737-300 Spijkers.jpg J5 EPA DONGHAI AIR Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport 2006
    SF Airlines 顺丰航空公司 SF Airlines Boeing 757-200SF Gu.jpg O3 CSS SHUN FENG Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport 2009
    Longhao Airlines GI LHA AIR CANTON Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport 2015
    Uni-Top Airlines 友和道通航空 Boeing 747-2J6F(SCD) Uni-top Airlines, LUX Luxembourg (Findel), Luxembourg PP1353859501.jpg UW UTP UNITOP Wuhan Tianhe International Airport 2009
    YTO Cargo Airlines YG HYT QUICK AIR 2015

  2. Domestic and International
    Airline Chinese Name IMAGE IATA ICAO Callsign Hub(s)

    9 Air 九元航空 9 Air Boeing 737-800 at Guangzhou AQ JYH 9 AIR Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport 2015
    Air China 中国国际航空 B-2485 - Air China - Boeing 747-89L - PEK CA CCA AIR CHINA Beijing Capital International Airport
    Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport
    Shanghai Pudong International Airport
    Beijing Capital Airlines 首都航空 Capital Airlines Airbus A330-200 B-8019 JD CBJ CAPITAL JET Beijing Capital International Airport
    China Eastern Airlines 中国东方航空 China Eastern Boeing 777-300ER B-2005 MU CES CHINA EASTERN Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport
    Shanghai Pudong International Airport
    China Express Airlines 华夏航空 China Express Airlines Canadair CL-600-2B19 Regional Jet CRJ-200ER G5 HXA CHINA EXPRESS Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport
    China Southern Airlines 中国南方航空 China Southern Airlines A380 CZ CSN CHINA SOUTHERN Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport
    Beijing Capital International Airport
    Chongqing Airlines 重庆航空 Chongqing Airlines Airbus A320-233 B-2343 (8826408392).jpg OQ CQN CHONG QING Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport 2007
    Donghai Airlines 东海航空 Donghai Airlines Boeing 737-300 Spijkers.jpg DZ EPA DONGHAI AIR Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport 2006

  3. Z SHENZHEN AIR Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport 1993
    Sichuan Airlines 四川航空 B-6517 - Sichuan Airlines - Airbus A330-243 - Wuliangye Livery - PEK (13983407924).jpg 3U CSC SI CHUAN Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport
    Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport 1986
    Spring Airlines 春秋航空 B-6645 - Spring Airlines - Airbus A320-214 - SHA (13666788735).jpg 9C CQH AIR SPRING Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport 2005
    Tianjin Airlines 天津航空 B-8959 A332 Tianjin Airlines SVO UUEE 2 (34312519794).jpg GS GCR CHINA DRAGON Tianjin Binhai International Airport 2007
    Tibet Airlines 西藏航空 B-1047@PEK (20180319133008).jpg TV TBA TIBET Lhasa Gonggar Airport
    Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport 2011
    West Air 西部航空 China West Air Airbus A319-133 B-6420 (8744795282).jpg PN CHB WEST CHINA Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport 2010
    XiamenAir 厦门航空 Xiamen Airlines, Boeing 787-8 B-2761 NRT (20229992129).jpg MF CXA XIAMEN AIR Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport
    Fuzhou Changle International Airport 1984
    Airline Chinese Name IMAGE IATA ICAO Callsign Hub(s) Commenced

    Air Guilin 桂林航空 桂林航空 Air Guilin.jpg GT CGH WELKIN Guilin Liangjiang International Airport 2016
    Air Chang'an 长安航空 B-5116 Boeing B.737 Chang An Airlines (7183337161).jpg 9H CGN CHANGAN Xi'an Xianyang International Airport 1992
    Chengdu Airlines 成都航空 Chengdu Airlines Airbus A319-112 Jordan.jpg EU UEA JIN XIU Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport 2005
    China Flying Dragon Aviation 中国飞龙专业航空公司 FL CFA FEILONG Harbin Taiping International Airport 1981
    China United Airlines 中国联合航空 B-4091 - China United Airlines - Airbus A319-115 - LXA (11965015706).jpg KN CUA LIANHANG Beijing Nanyuan Airport 1986
    China Xinhua Airlines 中国新华航空 B-5080 - China Xinhua Airlines - Boeing 737-86N - TAO (14151223290).jpg XW CXH XINHUA Beijing Capital International Airport 1992
    Colorful Guizhou Airlines 多彩贵州航空 GY CGZ COLORFUL Guiyang Longdongbao International Airport 2015
    Dalian Airlines 大连航空 B-5553 - Dalian Airlines - Boeing 737-89L(WL) - PEK (16998443782).jpg CA CCD XIANGJIAN Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport 2011
    Fuzhou Airlines 福州航空 Fuzhou Airlines Boeing 737-800 on finals at Shanghai Pudong International Airport.jpg FU FZA STRAIT AIR Fuzhou Changle International Airport 2014
    Grand China Air 大新华航空 Boeing 737-84P, Grand China Air AN1952116.jpg CN GDC GRAND CHINA Haikou Meilan International Airport 2007
    Hongtu Airlines 云南红土航空 A6 HTU HONGLAND Kunming Changshui International Airport 2016
    Jiangxi Air 江西航空 RY CJX AIR CRANE Nanchang Changbei International Airport 2016
    Joy Air 幸福航空 Joy Air Xian MA-60 at Hefei Airport.jpg JR JOY JOY AIR Xi'an Xianyang International Airport 2009
    Longjiang Airlines 龙江航空 Harbin International Airport 2017
    Loong Air 长龙航空 Loongair Airbus A320-214 taking off from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport.jpg GJ CDC HUALONG Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport 2012
    Meiya Air 美亚航空 Sanya Phoenix International Airport 2012
    Nanshan Jet 南山公务机 Yantai Laishan Airport 2011
    Qingdao Airlines 青岛航空 B-9956 - Qingdao Airlines - Airbus A320-214(WL) - TAO (14867936462).jpg QW QDA SKY LEGEND Qingdao Liuting International Airport 2014
    Ruili Airlines 瑞丽航空 Ruili Airlines Boeing 737-700 at Tianjin Zhangguizhuang.jpg DR RLH SENDI Kunming Changshui International Airport 2014
    Urumqi Air 乌鲁木齐航空 B-6268 Boeing 737-8LPW Urumqi Air(ex N482AG) PAE 28JUL15.jpg UQ CUH LOU LAN Urumqi International Airport 2014
    Suparna Airlines 金鹏航空 B-5900 - A330-243F - Yangtze River Express - MFM (12301194644).jpg Y8 YZR YANGTZE RIVER Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport 2003
    ZYB Lily Jet 中一太客商务航空 B-7799 Canadair Challenger CL.601 Zyb Lily Jet (11727483425).jpg MZT Shenyang Taoxian International Airport 2008
    Cargo Airlines
    Airline Chinese Name IMAGE IATA ICAO Callsign Hub(s) Commenced