Are you an experienced Boeing 737 Captain? Pilot recruitment.

Are you an experienced Boeing 737 Captain?
Are you looking for a new challenge, can offer you a very rewarding, and exiting career in China. We have been selected to recruit a number of Captains on the Boeing 737 NG fleet.

Requirements for captains on the Boeing 737 NG fleet.
Total Flight Hours: 3000+
PIC time on the Boeing 737 more than 500.
Current on the B737.
ICAO English: Level 4 or Above
Medical Certificate First Class
Maximum Age: 55

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Our airline client in China accept license that are issued by the following countries.                      Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Brazil, Canada, USA, 
China, Japan, Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong, Macau, Emirates, Sri Lanka
Latvia, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Austria, Bulgaria, Belgium, Iceland, Poland, Denmark, Germany, France, Finland, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Romania, United Kingdom, Ireland,  South Africa, Australia and New Zealand

The Boeing 737 Next Generation (NG) was introduced in the 1990s, with a redesigned, increased span laminar flow wing, upgraded glass cockpit, and new interior.
The 737 NG comprises the 737-600, −700, −800, and −900 variants, with lengths ranging from 102 to 138 ft (31.09 to 42.06 m).

Boeing Business Jet versions of the 737 NG are also produced.

The 737 was revised again in the 2010s for greater efficiency, with the 737 MAX series featuring CFM LEAP-1B engines and improved winglets. The 737 MAX entered service in 2017.

BOEING 737NG are recruiting Boeing 737 NG Captain’s for our partner airlines.

Are you an experienced pilot on the Boeing 737 series?
Total time in excess of 3000 hours.
Boeing 737 PIC time of 500 hours or more.
Last flight within the previous 12 months.

If so contact and we will present some attractive offers for you.

The Boeing 737 is one of the world’s most popular airplane, and for a very good reason.
This workhorse have delivered a steady flow of income for airlines around the world,
since the days of the earliest versions of the Boeing 737 CL classic models was put in
to service, with the launch customer Lufthansa way back in February 1968,
less than a year after the first ever flight of the Boeing 737-100 took off on the 9th of April 1967.
Since then, more than 10.000 B737 have been built and sold to airlines all over the world.

Technical Specs

Seats (2-class)
Maximum seats
33.6 m (110 ft 4 in)
39.5 m (129 ft 6 in)
42.1 m (138 ft 2 in)
35.8 m (117 ft 5 in)
35.8 m (117 ft 5 in)
35.8 m (117 ft 5 in)
12.5 m (41 ft 3 in)
12.5 m (41 ft 3 in)
12.5 m (41 ft 3 in)

Here is a list of the various airlines and companies that have Boeing 737 NG in their fleets.

FAA Boeing 737-NG PIC Initial Type Rating
Part 61
This course provides the crewmember with the necessary knowledge and skills
to obtain the B737 Type Rating.


Commercial Pilot Certificate with Multi Engine Land
Instrument Rating
50 hours Multi Engine flight time
ATP written
Meets the requirements of Part 61
Course Duration: Approximately 21 Days
Classroom Instruction: On Site Option: 48:00 Hours. Home Study Option: 40:00 Hrs at home
+ 8:00 Hrs On-Site
System Integration Training: 16:00 Hours (Classroom,  mock-up or simulator without motion)
Simulator/Flight Training: Paired: 12:00 Hours PF, 12:00 Hours PM, 02:00 Hours LOFT (Each Pilot).
Non Paired: 18:00 Hours PF, 02:00 Hours LOFT
Simulator/Certification Check: 3 Hours per trainee

We can offer the complete EASA Type Rating Course for Boeing 737 300-900.
The training is being performed according to airline standard,
by experienced instructors that regularly operate the Boeing 737.

B737 TR course is delivered in accordance with the EASA and EU-OPS requirements,
and with the Boeing training programs.

Course prerequisites

MCC certificate
ATPL, MPL or CPL with valid ME IR
Theoretical ATPL exam
Valid MED certificate
English proficient minimum ICAO Level 4

Course content:

1. Theoretical Ground Course
Duration: 10 days, including exam

2. Flight Training
Flight Training Device: 21 hours (3 sessions)
Full Flight Simulator: 40 hours (10 sessions), including Test

3. Base Training
Duration: 1-1.5 hours 6 or 4 TO/GO depending on your experience.
Location: Europe


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