Are you an experienced Boeing 737 Captain? Pilot recruitment.

Are you an experienced Boeing 737 Captain?
Are you looking for a new challenge, can offer you a very rewarding, and exiting career in China. We have been selected to recruit a number of Captains on the Boeing 737 NG fleet.

Requirements for captains on the Boeing 737 NG fleet.
Total Flight Hours: 3000+
PIC time on the Boeing 737 more than 500.
Current on the B737.
ICAO English: Level 4 or Above
Medical Certificate First Class
Maximum Age: 55

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Our airline client in China accept license that are issued by the following countries.                      Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Brazil, Canada, USA, 
China, Japan, Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong, Macau, Emirates, Sri Lanka
Latvia, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Austria, Bulgaria, Belgium, Iceland, Poland, Denmark, Germany, France, Finland, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Romania, United Kingdom, Ireland,  South Africa, Australia and New Zealand

The Boeing 737 Next Generation (NG) was introduced in the 1990s, with a redesigned, increased span laminar flow wing, upgraded glass cockpit, and new interior.
The 737 NG comprises the 737-600, −700, −800, and −900 variants, with lengths ranging from 102 to 138 ft (31.09 to 42.06 m).

Boeing Business Jet versions of the 737 NG are also produced.

The 737 was revised again in the 2010s for greater efficiency, with the 737 MAX series featuring CFM LEAP-1B engines and improved winglets. The 737 MAX entered service in 2017.

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