Norwegian about to start operating domestic flights in Argentina.

Low cost carrier Norwegian already operates flight from Gatwick London, to the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires.
Now they have also received permission to start operating domestic flights inside Argentina.

In mid-October, the first domestic flights are scheduled to start.

Boeing 737-800

In Argentina, low-cost airline, FlyBondi, have long been pushing for the cancellation of the minimum cost on air tickets that prevented the definitive breakthrough for cheap airline tickets in the country. Above all, it is the major airline in Argentina Aerolinas Argentina who opposed the change.
But now it is clear, since August 15 this year, the government-regulated minimum cost of a ticket has been removed. This is something that among other Norwegian welcomes.

"It's amazing news and something that will definitely contribute to the development of the airline market in Argentina," said Ole Christian Melhus of Norwegians to Argentine media.
Norwegians plans to start traffic from Buenos Aires to Cordoba and Mendoza on October the 16:th.
Initially,three daily rotations, two to Cordoba and one to Mendoza, will be aired by LV-HQH, the Boeing 737-800 that will be located in Buenos Aires.

Norwegian is planning to operate four Boeing 737-800 in Argentina before the end of 2018, it will be in direct competition with Flybondi the Aregntinian low cost carrier.
Norwegian is seeing a huge potential in the Argentinian aviation sector, and they hope too get a big chunk of the pie.

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