Air Guilin - A320 Pilot job offer, for Captains on the Airbus 320 family.

Pilot Recruitment & Training
Pilot Recruitment

September 27, 2018

Our main service is recruitment of Captains for the
Chinese airline sector.
The typical Pilot we recruit are an experienced pilot
with + 3000 total hours, and minimum 500 hours
PIC, on the type of aircraft we recruit for our client
We have contract with a number of airlines in China.

Pilot job offer, for Captains on the Airbus 320 family.
Air Guilin - A320
Contract term:3 years
Working Pattern:90 days annual leave/6 weeks on 2 weeks off
304,560 USD/1st year; 310,560 USD 2nd year; 316,560 USD/3rd year
120 days annual leave/10 days off per month
262,560 USD/1st year; 268,560 USD/2nd year; 274,560 USD/3rd year
2 weeks on 2 weeks off/15 days on 15 days off
211,920 USD/1st year;217,920 USD/2nd year;223,920 USD/3rd year

Training Pay:Ground: 60% of the monthly salary
Line: 60% of the monthly salary

5000+ hours total time, 1000+ hours PIC on the A320 family type
Current and last flight within the last 6 months
Captain:No older than 55 years
Min ICAO English level 4
Valid Class 1 Medical Certificate

How to apply:
Send the following documents to
-ATP license with ICAO English level
-Medical certificate
-Last proficiency check record
-Last 6 pages of logbook (both sides)
-ID Photo

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