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Requirements for Captains at Spring Airlines.

3000+ hours total time.
500+ hours PIC on A320 
Valid type rating
Maximum age 55 years
ICAO English minimum level 4
Medical Class 1 
No history of incidents or accidents 

A320 Captain Position Spring Airlines

Shanghai / Shenzhen / Osaka / Bangkok

Contact pilot@you-pilot.com for more information.

Boeing 737 Captain Position earn a monthly salary of up to $29,500 USD

If you meet the requirements, and start working for Air Chang'an in China you can earn a monthly salary of up to $29,500 USD

Send your aviation related documents to pilot@you-pilot.com for more information, and to receive the application form.

Boeing 737NG MAX Captain

We are recruiting Captains for China Eastern based in Shanghai.
Contact www.you-pilot.com at pilot@you-pilot.com if you meet the following requirements.

Total Flight Hours: 3000+
Boeing 737 PIC 600+
ICAO English: Minimum Level 4
First Class Medical Certificate
Maximum Age: 55

Contract options, and payment after tax.
20 days on/ 10 days off-$219,000
16 days on/14 days off-$169,140

Tianjin Airlines Captain Positions

www.you-pilot.com are recruiting captains for Tianjin Airlines in China.

Airbus 320 from Tianjin Airlines in China

We offer great salary, and you can chose the solution that is most suitable for you and your family.
www.you-pilot.com and our partner airlines offer's various type of contract, when it comes to length, and if you are looking for a rotational on-off contract, or a residential captain position. 

Tianjin Airlines fleet
AircraftIn ServiceOrdersPassengersNotes
Airbus A320-200288150158
Airbus A320neo5174174
Airbus A321-2002220220
Airbus A330-200418242260
Airbus A330-300224279303
Embraer 1903269298
Embraer 19517122122
Embraer 190-E220

Tianjin Airlines operates a fleet of 90 aircraft's as of today, and with orders of 20 more.

Are you an experienced Airbus 320 Captain with a minimum of 3000 hours total time, and at-least 500 of them as PIC on the A320 you can apply to work for Tianjin Airlines as a Captain.

Tianjin Airlines in China has a order of 20 Embraer 190-E2 from the Brazilian manufacturer.

Embraer 190 Tianjin Airlines

If you have more than 500 PIC on the Embraer you can apply with us on www.you-pilot.com and we will give you the full information

Shanghai based carrier Juneyao Airlines receives it's first Boeing 787-9

Boeing delivers the first of ten 787-9 Dreamliner's to Juneyao Airlines.
Juneyao Airlines have orders for nine more Boeing 787-9.

The fleet of Juneyao Airlines consist's of 41 Airbus A320-200, and 27 Airbus A321-200,  together with the latest addition of the Boeing 787-9.
The 787-9 can carry 290 passengers and fly up to 7,635 nautical miles (14,140 km), while reducing fuel use and emissions by 20 to 25 percent compared to older airplanes.

Juneyao Airlines is a major carrier based in Shanghai, China, operating both domestic and international services from  Shanghai Hongqiao Intl' Airport and Shanghai Pudong Intl' Airport.

Why should you get your next contract pilot job with us at www.you-pilot.com
Besides the fact that we offer a high-paying contract with a number of airlines in China,
and other locations around the world, there are some other factors that are important to consider.

When a pilot move from Europe, North America, South America, or elsewhere, to a new continent
like Asia, there can be a feeling of that you are on your own.
We and the airlines we work with, will make sure the transition is done in a
manner that you can feel comfortable with.

We will always have persons on location that can help you in the beginning when you are getting
We will also make sure that the airline that we have contract with,
will fulfill their obligations for you, as long as you fulfill your obligations.

Together with our partners we have helped a high number of pilots to relocate,
and settle in China, and elsewhere.

We have asked many pilots what type of contract they prefer to work on in China, and a high
percentage prefer to be on a rotation contract, with a number of week on,
and a number of week off, so they can spend high quality time, in their home country.

Together with our partner airlines in China, we have managed to negotiate, this type of contract,
where you will be in China a couple of weeks, and then you spend a couple of weeks at home,
with your family.
If you prefer to relocate to China with your family, we can help you with this solution also.
We are here to help you.

Contact pilot@you-pilot.com and we will make sure to arrange a high paying contract,
with a commuting position.

At www.you-pilot.com, we work with over 35 Chinese airlines providing effective and specific flight
crew solutions to solve the experienced Captain shortage,
that is present in the airline sector in China.
We have highly experienced aviation experts that we work together with.
At www.you-pilot.com we are pilots and we have decades of experience in the aviation sector,
we also cooperate close with other pilots, instructors, examiners, and HR departments.

When working with www.you-pilot.com recruitment & training you know you are working
with aviation professionals, we understand the needs of airlines operations
and assist in everything that is required during your transition and throughout your contract.
We understand it is a big decision, and transition for you and your family, we and our partners in
China will assist you with help both in your work life and your daily routine,
this will help you adjust to your new home.

www.you-pilot.com and our partners in China will help you in meeting with airlines and CAAC.
Assistants all over China, in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen,  Kunming, Chengdu, Xiamen, Guangzhou.
With a consistent efficient service during the entire duration of your time in China.

We will make sure you as a contract pilot receive your payment, accurate, and on time.

We are committed to being your first and premier choice, when it comes to flight crew leasing
service in China, and worldwide.












Air Guilin - A320 Pilot job offer, for Captains on the Airbus 320


Pilot Recruitment & Training
Pilot Recruitment

Our main service is recruitment of Captains for the
Chinese airline sector.
The typical Pilot we recruit are an experienced pilot
with + 3000 total hours, and minimum 500 hours
PIC, on the type of aircraft we recruit for our client
We have contract with a number of airlines in China.

Pilot job offer, for Captains on the Airbus A320 family.
Air Guilin - A320
Contract term:3 years
Working Pattern:90 days annual leave/6 weeks on 2 weeks off
304,560 USD/1st year; 310,560 USD 2nd year; 316,560 USD/3rd year
120 days annual leave/10 days off per month
262,560 USD/1st year; 268,560 USD/2nd year; 274,560 USD/3rd year
2 weeks on 2 weeks off/15 days on 15 days off
211,920 USD/1st year;217,920 USD/2nd year;223,920 USD/3rd year

Training Pay:Ground: 60% of the monthly salary
Line: 60% of the monthly salary

5000+ hours total time, 1000+ hours PIC on the A320 family type
Current and last flight within the last 6 months
Captain:No older than 55 years
Min ICAO English level 4
Valid Class 1 Medical Certificate

How to apply:
Send the following documents to pilot@you-pilot.com
-ATP license with ICAO English level
-Medical certificate
-Last proficiency check record
-Last 6 pages of logbook (both sides)
-ID Photo

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