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February 11 2019

Training Course CE-525 Type Rating

Welcome to the Cessna Citation CE-525 type rating course, and our partners,
are happy to present this course for you

Aircraft Types you will be type rated in after the course.

CJ1 / CJ1+
CJ2 / CJ2+
CJ3/ CJ3+

Course Entry Requirements for CE-525 Type Rating

Commercial, or Airline Transport Pilot License. (FAA, EASA, ICAO)
Multi-Engine Class Rating.
Instrument Airplane Rating.
Maximum age 58.
English proficient, or min ICAO level 4.
Pass the assessment (since you will be doing the type rating in the actual aircraft CE-525,
not in a simulator, we need make sure you are “up to speed”.
The assessment will be a personal interview, technical interview CPL oral exam question style,
and a flight, in a flight training aircraft, I.e. Diamond DA-42,
this is to determine how the pilot perform during a real flight, check list items, and cockpit flow, etc.
After this we can together with the assessment instructor, set up a training program,
and the final course price estimate.  
The benchmark type rating course price is 12.000 EUR.

GROUND SCHOOL – Aircraft Systems

Aircraft General  
Power Plant  
Fire Protection  
Landing Gear and Brakes  
Flight Controls  
Ice and Rain Protection  
Air Conditioning  
Master Warning  

FLIGHT TRAINING – Flight Lessons

Normal Takeoff  
Rejected Takeoff  
Engine Failure at V1  
Climb Profile  
Steep Turns  
Stall Recovery Clean
Stall Recovery Landing
Stall Recovery Departure
Stall Recovery Clean Autopilot On  
Unusual Attitudes  
Emergency Descend  
Precision Approach  
Single Engine Precision Approach  
Non-Precision Approach  
Go Around / Missed Approach  
Single Engine Go Around Missed Approach  
Circling Approach  
Visual Approach and Landing  
Flaps Retracted Approach and Landing  

Line Training

After you have completed your CE-525 type rating (SIC First Officer)
you have the chance to build valuable experience with one of our clients.
(self sponsored line training)
The client is operating a CJ2 for personal VIP transport,
and will expand with 3-4 added aircraft’s in the CE-525 serie.
You can build hours in the Citation CE-525 jet for a cost of only 84 EURO/hour.
The minimum amount is 100 hours.

In order to participate in the line training,
you need to do the type rating training with our clients team.
We can NOT offer this course to citizens of the following countries.
Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria.

To reserve your position send your aviation documents to

No Phone calls!

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